Eppi Sukhu

About the Artist:

In addition to creating artwork, Eppi tutors children on request. She is also a Program Supervisor at a local not-for-profit organization, and founder of www.BlissfulSelf.com. She enjoys gardening, watching movies, reading philosophy, listening to music, decorating, exploring anthropology, writing poetry, baking, and meditation in her spare time. While she received arts training before her 19th year of age, Eppi is primarily a self-taught artist who went on to earn a Master of Health Science graduate degree from the University of Toronto in Canada. You can explore her sketchbook, "Northeast" at the Brooklyn Art Library under call number 225.9-3. 

Eppi uses acrylic paint, photography, mixed media, and digital techniques to create art. The subject of her work is often spirituality or social justice. Artwork shown on this site is available for sale where indicated. Eppi also completes art by request on a variety of other subjects. If you would like her to complete a unique piece of art for you, please get in touch through the Contact page.