"Great Work!" - Jaime, Germany.
"Artist to artist: people see a lot of 'faces' in my work although there aren't any. This work is fantastic because of the use of negative space; and just two dots, one on each side, make the mouth a mouth. Well done!" - Sam, USA.
"I bought this piece and I am loving it in my home! I connected with this piece because it reminds me of an enduring personal journey I'm on and I feel that it brings me a tranquility, and yet a feeling of perserverence, every time I look at it. Put simply, it's deeply beautiful." - Francine, Canada.
"Gorgeous work here! Really makes me think." - Terry, Canada.
"Stunning!" - Elizabeth, USA.
"Beyond words... Outstanding." - Rick, England.
"Magical!" - Mikko T., Finland.
"Beautiful!" - Adrian, Germany.
"I love this in my home; it's beautiful. I like the concept of owning a limited edition print too: that it can be shared with more than just me." - Kate, Canada.